Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi - मुहावरेदार क्रिया

इस आर्टिकल में Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi दिया गया है। अंग्रेजी में Sentence बोलते समय अक्सर Phrasal Verb का प्रयोग किया जाता है। Phrasal Verb अक्सर मुहावरे में भी प्रयोग होता है। अगर आपको Verbs और Phrasal Verbs की अधिक से अधिक जानकरी है तो आपको Fluently English बोलने में और समझने में कोई कठिनाई नहीं होगी। अतः दिए गए Phrasal Verbs ध्यानपूर्वक पढ़े और याद करें। 

Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi

Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi

Phrasal Verb का हिंदी में अर्थ - '' मुहावरेदार क्रिया '' होता है। यह हमेशा English के दो Word से मिलकर बना होता है। अक्सर अंग्रेजी बोलते समय Phrasal Verb का प्रयोग Sentence में सोभा या प्रभाव बढ़ाने के लिए होता है। अगर आप Phrasal Verb ज्यादा से ज्यादा याद करलें तो आपको Fluently अंग्रेजी बोलने में बहुत मदद मिलेगी। 

1. Break down - टूटना

2. Call off - रद्द करना

3. Get along - मिलना

4. Give up - छोड़ देना

5. Come across - मिल जाना

6. Put off - टाल देना

7. Set up - स्थापित करना

8. Look forward to - का इंतजार करना

9. Run out of - खत्म होना

10. Turn on - चालू करना

11. Turn off - बंद करना

12. Pick up - सीखना

13. Take off - उड़ान भरना

14. Put on - पहनना

15. Go on - चलना

16. Check in - चेक इन करना

17. Check out - चेक आउट करना

18. Give in - हार मान लेना

19. Look up - खोजना

20. Break up - अलग होना

21. Wake up - जागना

22. Get over - बचना

23. Show up - प्रकट होना

24. Catch up - पारंपारिक होना

25. Look after - देखभाल करना

26. Bring up - परवाह करना

27. Turn up - पहुँचना

28. Set off - प्रारंभ करना

29. Run into - मिलना

30. Make up - सुधारना

31. Put up with - सहना

32. Take on - लेना

33. Hold on - ठहरना

Break out Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi

34. Break out - फैलना

35. Find out - पता करना

36. Look out - सावधान रहना

37. Put down - नीचे रखना

38. Settle down - ठिक करना

39. Come up with - पेशकश करना

40. Turn over - उलट जाना

41. Go over - परदेखना

42. Break in - घुसना

43. Run away - भागना

44. Get in - प्राप्त करना

45. Give away - देना

46. Turn around - मोड़ लेना

47. Hold back - रोकना

48. Break through - प्रवेश करना

49. Pick out - चुनना

50. Take in - समझना

51. Hang out - टाइम पास करना

52. Look forward to - का आस्वाद लेना

53. Show off - दिखाना

54. Run over - रेलों के ऊपर जाना

55. Turn in - सो जाना

56. Carry on - जारी रखना

57. Bring in - लाना

58. Give back - वापस करना

59. Set out - निकलना

Ask for Phrasal Verb With Hindi Meaning

Ask for  -  माँगना 

60. Break up - खत्म करना

61. Look out for - देखभाल करना

62. Take over - संचालन करना

63. Put forward - प्रस्तुत करना

64. Get by - गुजरना

65. Put up with - सहना

66. Run down - गिराना

67. Hold up - रोकना

68. Turn down - इनकार करना

69. Go off - बंद होना

70. Pick out - चुनना

71. Turn on - चालना

72. Put on - पहनना

73. Make up - बनाना

74. Break down - टूटना

75. Get up - उठना

76. Give up - छोड़ना

77. Call off - रद्द करना

78. Turn off - बंद करना

79. Check in - चेक इन करना

80. Check out - चेक आउट करना

Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi With Examples

(i) Call off (रद्द करना) - To cancel something.

The picnic was called off due to the rain.

(ii) Look forward to (का आस्वाद लेना) - To anticipate or be excited about something that will happen.

I look forward to meeting you at the conference.

(iii) Get over (पार करना) - To recover from an illness or a difficult situation.

It took her a while to get over the flu.

(iv) Put up with (सहना) - To tolerate or endure something unpleasant.

She had to put up with a lot of noise from the construction site next door.

(v) Run into (मिलना) - To unexpectedly meet or encounter someone.

I ran into my old friend at the supermarket.

(vi) Break down (टूटना) - To stop functioning or fail.

My car broke down on the way to work.

(vii) Turn on (चालना) - To switch something on or make it start working.

Please turn on the lights; it's getting dark in here.

(viii) Give in (हार मान लेना) - To surrender or admit defeat.

After a long argument, she finally gave in and agreed to his proposal.

(ix) Take off (उड़ान भरना) - To become airborne (for aircraft) or to remove clothing.

The plane is scheduled to take off in an hour. It's hot; I'm going to take off my jacket.

(x) Set up (स्थापित करना) - To establish or arrange something.

He set up his own business after years of planning.

Phrasal Verb Meaning in Hindi

Phrasal Verb List With Meaning in Hindi

Phrasal Verbs

Hindi Meaning

Bring up

बढ़ाना/पालन-पोषण करना

Give in

हार मानना

Turn up

प्रकट होना

Run out of

खत्म होना

Look after

देखभाल करना

Carry out

पूरा करना

Take up

शुरू करना

Set up

स्थापित करना

Get by


Go through

पास करना

Put up with


Look down on

नीचा देखना

Bring about


Break up

बाँट देना

Catch up


Hold on


Turn down

इनकार करना

Set off

शुरू करना

Put off


Break down

खराब हो जाना

Look forward to

का आस्वाद लेना

Give up

त्याग देना

Run into


Look up to


Pick up


Turn on


Turn off

बंद करना

Find out

पता करना


Phrasal Verb Meaning With Sentences

1. Break down - रद्द हो जाना

Sentence - The car broke down on the way to the airport, so we had to call for help.

2. Call off  -  रद्द करना

Sentence - Due to bad weather, they had to call off the outdoor concert.

3. Look forward to  -  का इंतजार करना

Sentence - I look forward to the weekend when I can relax and unwind.

4. Run out of  -  खत्म होना

Sentence - We ran out of milk, so I need to buy some more at the store.

5. Turn on  -  चालू करना

Sentence - Please turn on the lights; it's getting dark in here.

6. Turn off  -  बंद करना

Sentence - Don't forget to turn off the TV before you go to bed.

7. Pick up  -  सीखना 

Sentence - He picked up the guitar and started playing his favorite song.

8. Take off  -  उड़ान भरना

Sentence - The plane is ready to take off from the runway. It's hot; I'll take off my jacket.

9. Put on  -  पहनना

Sentence - She put on her best dress for the party.

10. Go on  -  चलना) 

Sentence - The show must go on, despite the technical difficulties.

11. Hold on  -  रुकना

Sentence - Please hold on for a minute; I'll be right with you.

12. Break up  -  खत्म करना

Sentence - They decided to break up after years of being together.

13. Find out  -  पता करना

Sentence - I need to find out the time of the meeting.

14. Look out for  -  सावधान रहना

Sentence - When you cross the road, look out for oncoming traffic.

15. Settle down  -  निर्णय करना

Sentence - After years of traveling, he wanted to settle down and start a family.

16. Go over  -  परदेखना

Sentence - Let's go over the report to make sure everything is correct.

17. Break in  -  घुसना

Sentence - A burglar attempted to break in through the window last night.

18. Run away  -   भागना

Sentence - The young couple decided to run away and get married in secret.

19. Put forward  -   प्रस्तुत करना

Sentence - He put forward a new proposal for the project during the meeting.

20. Turn over  -  उलट जाना

Sentence - Can you turn over the paper and continue writing on the back?

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