Essay on A Happy Family in 200 Words

In this article we have an essay on ''Essay on A Happy Family in 200 Words''. After reading this you will get an idea how a happy home is made or how a happy family is made, what sacrifice our parents do for us to make our future better and what is the element that makes a family happy.

Introduction food clothes is and shelter are the basic need of man. Man loves his home most during lifetime, man visit several places. He may is stay there for several days for business purpose or study purpose. Ultimately, he comes back to his own home home is his refuse. Students come back home from school very quickly. 

Those who work in offices or colleges come back home as soon as they get themselves free from work. Why is it so ? The answer is that love their homes very much.

What is Happy Home

It is a proverb, "East or West, home is the best." It means, one may go wherever he likes and visit the place what ever he wishes to see but he has to be at his home at last. A happy home is a place of pleasure. It is the place of our society. It provides us with all our safety. It provides us with all our comfort. It's shapes us from all the perils possibly. In happy house, we live carefully. It moulds our habits and builds our character. Home is the source of guidance in our life.

Essential of a Happy home

Every home is not a happy home. In the present age, there is no joint family system. In a joint family, mostly, the members of family enjoy life. But in modern age, there is no joint family system, and people love small family. 

There are only husband, wife and two children. Even then they quarrel among themselves. The fight like cat and dogs. That home, in which father drinks, children like good food and good garments, decent food and proper education cannot be a happy home. In happy home the mother suffers scolds or beating but she loves her children most.


The first essential things for a happy home, is discipline. The younger should honor them. The elders should love their younger ones. Parents and grandparents should sacrifice their own comforts for the sake of younger ones or children. 

Elders should provide children with best possible food clothes is and education. Elders should not think of their own comforts. None of the family members should be self-centered.


Money Makes mare go. Nothing can be done without money. It has great importance in life. In fulfills our needs of life. Without money, we cannot even eat our food. Poor family cannot lead a satisfactory life. The members of a poor family always go on complaining. Sometimes, quarrel happen and the master of family find himself in great trouble. Always remains in mental tension.


Health is greater than wealth. Healthy person, who possesses a little wealth can lead a happy life. But a man who possesses a lot of wealth, cannot lead a happy life if he remains the victim of illness.

The sense of sacrifice

The happy family is in which member of have mutual understanding. The elders of the family must be ready and willing to do good to their children. On the other hand, children must always pay honour to their elders and their words. They must never disobey them. Without sense of sacrifice the peace cannot be established in a family.

Summary of Happy Family

In my opinion, money, health, sense of sacrifice and could behaviour to one another, are the elements of a Happy family. Above all, contentment is all the basis of happy life.

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