Most Use 100 English Idioms with Hindi Meaning

इस आर्टिकल में हम Most Use 100 English Idioms with Hindi Meaning के बारे में जानेंगे। अगर आप बेहिचक अंग्रेजी बोलना चाहते हैं तो word meaning (Idioms) को कंठस्थ कर लें। इसे याद करने से आपकी अंग्रेजी पहले से improve हो जाएगी। 

अगर हम याद किये हुए English Idioms with Hindi Meaning को अपने वाक्यों में प्रयोग करके बोलने का प्रयास करें तो इससे अंग्रेजी बोलने का बेहतर अभ्यास होगा और कुछ ही दिनों में इसका परिणाम आपको दिखने लगेगा। 

        English Idioms With Hindi Meaning

Most Use 100 English Idioms with Hindi Meaning

मै उम्मीद करता हूँ की आप हमारी सुझाव पर अमल करेंगे और 100 English Idioms with Hindi Meaning याद करके बोलने का प्रयास करेंगे। 

                Starting with 'A'

1. An open secret : (Known to all - खुला रहस्य)

Now a days corruption has become an open secret in Uttar Pradesh.

2. At an arm length : (at a distance - दुरी पर या दूर) 

Friend of a will habits should be kept at an arm length.

3. At daggers drawn : (to be the enemy of someone - किसी का जानी दुश्मन बनना)

China is trying to be at daggers drawn to India once again.

4. At home in : (familiar with - पूर्ण जानकार)

Gunjan is at home in biology.

5. At one finger end : (to have full knowledge - पूरी जानकरी रखना या होना)

Dushyant has all the formulas at his finger end.

6. According to : (pertaining to - के अनुशार)

Cut your court according to your cloth.

7. Add fuel to fire : (to make something worse - मालमे को भड़काना)

Some people are inhabit of adding fuel to fire.

8. Against a rainy day : (for emergency - मुसीबत के समय या जरुरत के समय)

We should save money against a rainy day.

9. All the same : (nevertheless - इसके बावजूद भी)

Mr Surendra criticizes everything all the same he is clear hearted.

10. At any rate : (in any case - हर हाल में )

I have to obtain the degree of PhD at any rate.

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                 Starting with 'B'

11. Bread and butter : (livelihood - जीविका)

It has become very difficult to earn bread and butter for mediocre families.

12. Be in one good book : (to be in favour of - कृपा पात्र बनना)

Flatterers are always in their officers good books.

13. Breathe one's last : (to be dead - मर जाना)

My mother breathed her last after she had given me birth.

14. Block head : (stupid - मन्दबुद्धि प्राणी)

It is difficult to make out anything to a block head.

15. By lips and bounds : (very rapidly - तेजी से)

The number of patience is increasing by lips and bounds due to pollution.

16. Black sheep : (a worthless man - बेकार आदमी)

A jobless person becomes a black sheep.

                  Starting with 'C'

17. Make castle in the air : (make visionary plans - हवाई योजनाएँ बनाना)

Inactive person go on making crystal in the air throughout life.

18. Call spade a spade : (speaking truth - सत्य बोलना)

Honest person always call spade a spade.

19. Cock and Bull story : (false story - झूठी कहानी)

Posting persons used to make cock and Bull Stories.

20. Call names : (to abuse - बुरा भला कहना)

Do not call anyone names in useless.

21. Caught red handed : (caught while committing crime - अपराध करते समय पकड़ा गया)

An education officer was caught red handed while taking bribe from teacher.

22. Cat and dog life : (quarrelsome life - संघर्षपूर्ण जीवन)

It is bad to lead a cat and dog life.

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                 Starting with 'D'

23. To die in harness : (to continue one's profession - अंतिम समय तक प्रयासरत रहना)

Nation builders always try to die in harness.

24. Drop in the ocean : (insufficient thing - ऊंट के मुँह में जीरा)

My knowledge about mathematics is like a drop in the ocean.

25. Dark horse : (a person on expected ,doing well - अचानक अच्छा करने वाला मनुष्य)

This year in Agra University Many weak  student proved dark horses.

26. Double dealing : (deceitful doing - छलपूर्ण करतूत)

Modern political leaders are habitual of double dealing.

27. Dog in the manger policy : (policy full of selfishness - स्वार्थपूर्ण निति)

Dog in the manger policy is being adopted by modern party leaders.

                  Starting with 'E'

28. End is smoke : (to come to nothing - व्यर्थ करना)

His Scheme of being selected as a police officer ended in a smoke.

29. Ever and Anon : (now and then - जब तक)
I visit my friends ever and anon.

30. Enough and spare : (plenty of something - कोई वस्तु प्रचुर मात्रा में)

The sons and daughters of the party leaders posses enough and spare in their life.

31. Eye opener : (most suggestive matter - आँख खोलने वाला मामला)

The death punishment of a terrorist must be the eye opener to others.

                Starting with 'F'

32. Fall flat : (having no effect - प्रभावहीन)

The speech of selfish leader falls flat on the audience.

33. Fool's Paradise : (foolish hopes - मूर्खतापूर्ण आशाएँ)

Modern young man desire to be most prosperous by doing nothing and thus they live in fool's Paradise.

34. From the bottom of one's heart : (whole heartedly - दिल से)

He thanked me from the bottom of his heart for my help towards him.

35. Feel one's pulse : (To know one's feelings : किसी के दिल की बात जानना)

A good friend feels the pulse of his  friend.

36. Fair and square : (full of justice - न्यायपूर्ण)

Everyone of as must be fair and square in one dealings.

37. Fire and Fury : (great anger - महान क्रोध)

Man mein loose control over himself in the position of fire and Fury.

38. Fire and white : (everywhere - दूर-दूर तक) 

Narendra Modi fame has spread far and wide in the world.

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                   Starting with 'G'

39. Get into trouble : (to involve in difficulties - मुशीबतों में फ़साना)

He got into trouble by speaking against the ruling party of Uttar Pradesh.

40. Go through fire and water : (Undertake difficulties - मुशीबते झेलना)

Courageous Person go through fire and water very boldly.

41. Go back on one's word : (not to fulfill own promise - अपने ही वचन से मुकर जाना)

Good and Nobel person's never go back on their word in life.

42. Go to dogs : (to be ruined - बर्बाद हो जाना)

Drunkards and gamblers go to dogs in the ends of their lives.

43. Grease the palm : (To give bribe - रिश्वत लेना)

In the government offices you cannot get your work done on less you Grease the palm of concerning clerk.

                Starting with 'H'

44. Head and ear : (completely - पूरी तरह)

Some people remain over head and ears in suspicion.

45. Heart and soul : (Earnestly - दिल से)

We must do every task with heart and soul.

46. Hold one's tongue : (to keep quiet - शान्त रहना)

Learned men listen to others and hold their own tongue during the period.

47. Hue and cry : (great noise - बहुत हल्ला)

Young man saw running into street so he made hue and cry.

48. Himalayan blunder : (great mistake - महान गलती)

Hand in hand meeting with Pakistan may be Himalayan blunder to our prime minister.

49. Have an axe to grind : (to be selfish - स्वार्थपूर्ण भावना रखना)

When we behave our true friend, we must not have an axe to grind.
                  Starting with 'I'

50. In the nick of time : (at the right time - सही समय पर)

Examinees should reach the centre in the neck of time.

51. In one's teers : (In adolescent age - नाबालिक अवस्था)

He is still under his tears ,so he must not be married.

52. In favour of : (to be agree with - पक्ष में)

A judges give judgement in favour of criminals while they find no witness against them.

53. In the air : (everywhere - सब जगह)

The news of terrorism is in the air these days

54. In a nut shell : (In brief - संछेप में)
You should speak to your officer in a nut shell.

55. In lieu of : (In place of - के बदले में)

I cannot work as a principal in lieu of temporary post.

                 Starting with 'M'

56. Make much ado about nothing : (to make great fuss about small matter - छोटी सी बात को बतंगड़ बनाकर झगड़ा करना)

Some people are in the habit of making much ado about nothing.

57. Make both ends meet : (live with in one's income - अपने आय के साधन पर निर्भर रहना) 

Labour class people hardly make both ends meet.

58. Make haven and earth : (to make a very possible effort- हर संभव प्रयास करना)

I have to make heaven and Earth for my promotion as a principal.

59. Make good : (Accomplish, manage - सफलता पूर्वक)

The thief made his escape good.

60. Make neither head nor tail : (to understand nothing - कुछ न समझना)

This teacher speaks so rapidly that student make neither head nor tail.

61. Make clean breast : (confess fully - पूर्णतः स्वीकार करना किसी गलती को)

He made clean breast by confessing of his fault is presence of the judge.

62. Make up : (to compensate - क्षतिपूर्ति करना)

The loss caused by the death of Abdul Kalam cannot be made up.

63. Man of iron will : (A man of strong will and determination - लौह पुरुष)

Sardar Patel is called man of iron will in India even today.

64. Man of letters : (a scholar - विद्वान पुरुष)

Swami Vivekanand was a man of letters.

65. Make a one's mind determine : (determine - दृढ निश्चय करना)

I made up my mind to compare a poem about the Yamuna river.

66. Make out : (understand : समझना)

Study the poem and make out its substance.

                 Starting with 'N'

67. Neck and crop : (entirely - पूर्णतः)

An earthquake can make neck and crop destruction of any place.

               Starting with 'O'

68. Over and above : (more over in addition to - और अधिक)

I have taught you complete grammar over and above I have nothing to do so.

69. Out of wood : (out of danger - खतरे से बाहर)

He has recovered of his serious diseases Still he is not out of wood.

70. Open secret : (secret known to all - खुला रहस्य)

It is an open secret that he has a lot of property and wealth.

71. Of no avail : (Useless - बेकार, व्यर्थ)

All his effort to seek a job proved of no avail.

72. Out of date : (out of fashion - चलन से बाहर)

Young ones do not like the garments which are out of date.

73. Open arms :  (cordially - बड़े प्रेम में)

We must receive our friend with open arms when they visit us.

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                Starting with 'P'

74. Part and parcel : (an essential part : महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा)

Mobile phone has become the part and parcel of life to everyone.

75. Poison one's ears : (to speak something on favourable to anyone - किसी की अहित की बात करना)

So my assistance workers poison the officer's ears against one another.

76. Pros and cons : (argument in favour and against - किसी के अहित की बात करना)

In Uttar Pradesh government should study the pros and cons of its own before the next election.

77. Play duck and Drakes : (spend money in useless matter - व्यर्थ में धन खर्च करना)

Modern young one's play duck and drakes with their pocket money.

78. Pay one back in one's own coin : (Tit for tat - जैसे को तैसा)

A naughty boy slapped the monitor and he also paid him back in his own coin.

               Starting with 'S'

79. Square deal : (A fair bargain - अच्छा सौदा)

We should not hope of square deal from the side of a dishonest man.

80. Storm in tea cup : (a quarrel for nothing - तुच्छ बात पर झगड़ा करना)

To give corporal punishment to the student in these days may rise storm in tea cup.

81. Screw loose : (mental defect - मानसिक खराबी)

She talks as though she were of screw loose.

82. Square meal : (proper meal - पूर्ण भोजन) 

Banana with milk is a square meal.

             Starting with 'T'

83. Turn coat : (An opportunist - अवसरवादी)

Never have faith in a turn coat.

84. Take care of : (be careful about something - सावधानी रखना)

Students should take care of their books.

85. Tall talks : (boasting - डिंग हांकना)

One of my friend makes tall talks.

86. Talk big : (boasting - डिंग हांकना)

I never like one who talk big.

87. Through thick and thin : (through every circumstances - हर परिस्थिति में)

Man of advantages pass through thick and thin.

88. Throw cold water on : (to discourage - हतोत्साहित करना)

The failure in the examination throw cold water on student for sometimes.

89. Time and tide : (the course of time - समय का चक्र)

Time and tide wait for nothing.

            Starting with 'W'

90. White elephant : (most precious but the least use - खर्चीली किन्तु काम उपयोग वाली वस्तु)

Computers in aided and government schools proved to be the white elephants.

91. Win laurels : (Gain honour - सम्मान पाना)

Rahul Gandhi won laurels in politics.

92. Wolf in a sheep's clothing : (A wicked man with sweet tongue - मुँह में राम बगल में छुरी)

This beggar is a cheat. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

93. Wash one's hands off : (To cut off relations - रिश्ता ख़त्म कर देना)

It is better to wash hand off a selfish.

94. Wild goose chase : (Foolish adventure - मूर्खतापूर्ण प्रयास)

The thinking of a poor student to seek an admission in I.I.T Collage may be a wind goose chase.

English Idioms with Hindi Meaning

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