50 Words With Meaning and Sentence

In this article we have served some useful 50+ Words With Meaning and Sentence, that can help you to learn new word meaning with their uses that will definitely improve your English Speaking.

50 Words With Meaning and Sentence

1- Love (प्रेम) - Love knows no boundaries.

2- Happiness (ख़ुशी) - Her face lit up with happiness.

3- Freedom (स्वतंत्रता) - Freedom is the birthright of every individual.

4- Success (सफलता) - His hard work led to success.

5- Peace (शांति) - Meditation brings inner peace.

6- Hope (आशा) - Despite the challenges, she clung to hope.

7- Dream (सपना) - Pursue your dreams with passion.

8- Courage (साहस) - It takes courage to stand up for what is right.

9- Kindness (दया) - Small acts of kindness can make a big difference.

10- Joy (खुशी) - Her laughter echoed with joy.

11- Honesty (ईमानदारी) - Honesty is the best policy.

12- Friendship (मित्रता) - True friendship withstands the test of time.

13- Trust (विश्वास) - Trust forms the foundation of any relationship.

14- Faith (विश्वास) - She had unwavering faith in her abilities.

15- Compassion (दया) - Compassion towards others leads to inner peace.

16- Gratitude (कृतज्ञता) - Express gratitude for the blessings in your life.

17- Strength (शक्ति) - She drew strength from within to overcome adversity.

18- Knowledge (ज्ञान) - Knowledge is power.

19- Wisdom (बुद्धिमत्ता) - With age comes wisdom.

20- Patience (धैर्य) - Patience is a virtue.

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21- Beauty (सौंदर्य) - The beauty of nature is awe-inspiring.

22- Determination (इरादा) - With determination, anything is possible.

23- Respect (सम्मान) - Treat others with respect.

24- Sacrifice (त्याग) - His sacrifice for his country will never be forgotten.

25- Forgiveness (क्षमा) - Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.

26- Generosity (उदारता) - Generosity of spirit enriches the soul.

27- Grace (शोभा) - She moved with grace and elegance.

28- Persistence (दृढ़ता) - Persistence pays off in the end.

29- Humility (विनम्रता) - True greatness lies in humility.

30- Integrity (अखंडता) - He lived his life with integrity.

31- Ambition (महत्वाकांक्षा) - Her ambition drove her to excel.

32- Harmony (समान्वय) - The music filled the room with harmony.

33- Serenity (शांति) - Find serenity amidst the chaos.

34- Graciousness (उदारता) - She accepted defeat with graciousness.

35- Prosperity (समृद्धि) - May you find prosperity in all your endeavors.

36- Resilience (प्रतिरोधी) - Resilience is the key to overcoming challenges.

37- Compass (दिशा-निर्देश) - His values serve as a compass in life.

38- Celebration (उत्सव) - Let's gather for a celebration of life.

39- Inspiration (प्रेरणा) - Her story serves as an inspiration to many.

40- Adventure (साहसिकता) - Life is an adventure waiting to be explored.

41- Gratitude (कृतज्ञता) - Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

42- Harmony (सामंजस्य) - The harmony of nature soothes the soul.

43- Compassion (दया) - Show compassion to those in need.

44- Trust (विश्वास) - Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship.

45- Forgiveness (क्षमा) - Forgiveness liberates the soul.

46- Wisdom (ज्ञान) - Seek wisdom in every experience.

47- Courage (साहस) - Have the courage to follow your dreams.

48- Serenity (शांति) - Find serenity in the midst of chaos.

49- Resilience (प्रतिरोधिता) - Resilience is the key to overcoming adversity.

50- Peace (शांति) - May peace prevail on earth.

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51- Laughter (हंसी) - 

Her contagious laughter filled the room.

52- Compassion (दया) - 

Compassion is the essence of humanity.

53- Harmony (सामंजस्य) - 

The choir sang in perfect harmony.

54- Gratitude (कृतज्ञता) - 

Expressing gratitude enhances well-being.

55- Prosperity (समृद्धि) - 

May your business flourish with prosperity.

56- Resilience (प्रतिरोधिता) - 

She showed great resilience in the face of adversity.

57- Inspiration (प्रेरणा) - 

His words were a source of inspiration to many.

58- Adventure (साहसिकता) - 

They embarked on an adventure of a lifetime.

59- Tranquility (शांति) - 

The sound of waves brought tranquility to her mind.

60- Serendipity (अकस्मात सौभाग्य) - 

Their meeting was a beautiful serendipity.

61- Empathy (सहानुभूति) - 

She had a deep sense of empathy towards others.

62- Persistence (दृढ़ता) - 

His persistence paid off when he finally achieved his goal.

63- Integrity (अखंडता) - 

He conducted himself with utmost integrity.

64- Graciousness (उदारता) - 

She accepted the award with graciousness and humility.

65- Authenticity (वास्तविकता) - 

People are drawn to authenticity in relationships.

66- Curiosity (जिज्ञासा) - 

Curiosity fuels the quest for knowledge.

67- Contentment (संतोष) - 

True wealth lies in contentment with what you have.

68- Compass (दिशा-निर्देशक) - 

His values serve as a moral compass in life.

69- Empowerment (शक्तिप्रदान) - 

Education is a tool for empowerment.

70- Transformation (परिवर्तन) - 

The caterpillar undergoes a remarkable transformation into a butterfly.

71- Enlightenment (ज्ञानोदय) - 

Meditation can lead to spiritual enlightenment.

72- Authenticity (अधिकृतता) - 

The authenticity of the painting was confirmed by experts.

73- Tranquility (शांति) - 

The garden was a haven of tranquility amidst the bustling city.

74- Persistence (दृढ़ता) - 

With persistence and determination, she overcame all obstacles.

75- Compassion (दया) - 

Compassion towards others is a sign of a noble heart.

76- Empathy (सहानुभूति) - 

Having empathy allows us to connect deeply with others.

77- Contentment (संतोष) - 

True contentment comes from within, not from external achievements.

78- Serenity (शांति) - 

The serene beauty of the mountains took her breath away.

79- Empowerment (सशक्तिकरण) - 

Education is the key to empowerment for marginalized communities.

80- Transformation (परिवर्तन) - 

The transformation of the old building into a modern office space was remarkable.

50 Words With Meaning and Sentence in English

Serene - The serene lake reflected the colors of the sunset.

Mellifluous - Her voice was mellifluous, soothing everyone in the room.

Resplendent - The bride looked resplendent in her white gown.

Ebullient - After winning the championship, the team was ebullient with joy.

Quixotic - His quixotic dreams often led to disappointment.

Esoteric - The professor's lectures were filled with esoteric references.

Ephemeral - The beauty of the cherry blossoms is ephemeral.

Penumbra - The moon cast a penumbra over the landscape.

Vicarious - Through books, she experienced vicarious adventures.

Querulous - The querulous customer complained about every detail.

Mellifluous - The mellifluous melody filled the room with tranquility.

Resplendent - The resplendent peacock displayed its vibrant feathers.

Ephemeral - His fame was ephemeral, fading quickly after the scandal.

Vicarious - They lived vicariously through their children's successes.

Quixotic - His quixotic quest for perfection was admirable yet impractical.

Penumbra - The penumbra of doubt clouded her decision.

Esoteric - Only a few scholars understood the esoteric theories.

Serene - The serene garden provided a peaceful retreat.

Querulous - The querulous toddler cried over every minor inconvenience.

Ebullient - Her ebullient personality lit up the room.

Mellifluous - The mellifluous sound of the violin brought tears to her eyes.

Resplendent - The resplendent sunrise painted the sky in hues of orange and pink.

Ephemeral - Happiness can feel ephemeral, slipping away when least expected.

Vicarious - Watching the movie allowed him to experience a vicarious thrill.

Quixotic - His quixotic ideals often clashed with practical realities.

Esoteric - The esoteric knowledge of ancient civilizations fascinated her.

Penumbra - The penumbra of uncertainty surrounded the outcome of the election.

Serene - Despite the chaos outside, the library remained serene.

Ebullient - Their ebullient laughter filled the room with joy.

Mellifluous - The mellifluous poetry captivated the audience.

Resplendent - The resplendent palace shimmered in the sunlight.

Ephemeral - Youth is but an ephemeral stage in the journey of life.

Quixotic - His quixotic quest for immortality led him on perilous adventures.

Esoteric - The esoteric language of mathematics puzzled many students.

Vicarious - Reading allowed her to lead a vicarious life through fictional characters.

Querulous - The querulous old man complained about the weather.

Penumbra - The penumbra of doubt lingered in her mind.

Serene - The serene countryside was a welcome escape from the city.

Ebullient - Her ebullient energy was contagious, lifting the spirits of those around her.

Mellifluous - The mellifluous notes of the piano filled the concert hall.

Resplendent - The resplendent garden was a testament to her green thumb.

Ephemeral - The beauty of youth is often ephemeral.

Vicarious - Through her stories, he lived vicariously through her travels.

Quixotic - His quixotic ideals often clashed with reality.

Esoteric - The esoteric teachings of the ancient mystics fascinated scholars.

Penumbra - The penumbra of doubt clouded his judgment.

Serene - The serene lake was a haven for wildlife.

Ebullient - The ebullient crowd cheered as the team scored a goal.

Mellifluous - Her mellifluous voice soothed the crying baby.

Resplendent - The resplendent sunset painted the sky in vibrant hues.

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